About the Christopher Cool Series
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About the Christopher Cool Series

Christopher Cool's Profile

The Secret Organizations

The Top-secret Educational Espionage Network, or TEEN, is a hush-hush corps of bright young students specially developed by Intelligence on the theory that its members would be less open to suspicion than older agents. As an undercover arm of the American CIA, it has access to the same networks and also often cooperates with other intelligence services of the free world. The headquarters is located in New York City on Broadway near 56th Street, using the import sports car showroom of Luxury Motors as a front. A secret training center is operated out of the Howell mansion nestled on a vast walled estate on Long Island Sound.
TOAD is the most feared and fiendish secret organization in the world. As a criminal setup aimed at eventual world domination it outmuscles all known gangs. Its intelligence network at times rivals the Russian KGB or American CIA. A live toad is often sent to TOAD's intended victims, and the outline of a toad is stamped into their foreheads once the death sentence is fulfilled.

The Main Characters

Christopher Cool
Christopher Cool is a lean, blue-eyed, blond sophomore at New Jersey's ivy league Kingston University. Two years ago when Dr. Jonathan Cool America's foremost brain in high-energy physics disappeared during a scientific conference in Europe, his 17 year old son, Chris, became convinced he had been kidnapped by enemy agents. With little hope of being accepted, he had applied for CIA training, and to his surprise had been tapped at once by TEEN. Already a genius at languages, Chris could pass as a native in several different tongues. After rigorous training in electronics, photography, cryptography, flying, scuba diving, karate and aikido, he had been enrolled as a freshman at Kingston, where he found himself rooming with fellow agent Geronimo Johnson.
Geronimo Johnson
Geronimo Johnson is a Mescalero Apache with high cheekbones, long black hair, obsidian eyes, and copper skin. Coming from the greatest race of Guerrilla fighters in history, with the blood of Apache war chiefs in his veins, Geronimo had been naturally attracted to the stealthy, deadly business of cold-war espionage. Having volunteered for his dangerous role as a secret agent, he proves indispensable as Chis Cool's partner between his highly trained and natural abilities, and his knowledge of the Apache tongue which he and Chris speak as a code that no enemy eavesdropper or lip reader could possibly crack.
Spice Carter is a student from Vassar with red hair, emerald green eyes, and a dazzling smile. She is also known in TEEN circles for her quick temper and sharp tongue, and proves her abilities on more than one assignment with Chris and Geronimo.
Yummi Toyama
Yummi Toyama is a petite Japanese-American TEEN agent from Berkeley University with almond eyes, a flawless golden complexion, and jet-black hair that reaches nearly to her waist. Her cheerful disposition and quick thinking provide just the help the boys need on numerous occasions.
Beauregard Tatum, a Negro late of Mississippi and currently a student at Harvard, is one of TEEN's most remarkable students. He has a six-foot-four frame and 270 pounds of slablike muscle. He also has one of the most brilliant minds ever recruited by TEEN, but does his best to disguise his brainpower with flamboyant foolery.
The chief of TEEN operations, Q perpetually wears a navy-blue blazer over his open-necked white shirt. The beat-up yachting cap, pipe protruding from his thicket of grayish-blond beard, and half-empty bottle of milk for his ulcer complete the ensemble. Behind his gruff and peevish exterior, though, is a leader who has concern for his agents, and can always be counted on to come through with whatever is needed.
Pomeroy, TEEN's chief of technical staff or "Department of Dirty Tricks" is a fussy, baldheaded little genius who outfits all agents with their electronic gadgetry and other special equipment.

The Sports Cars

Sports Car
What would a secret agent be without a fast ride? A few optional amenities couldn't hurt either, and Luxury Motors always provides plenty of both. While the agents often encounter other car brands such as Ferrari, Ford, Ghia, Humber, Pontiac, Saab, Vauxhall, Volvo, and Volkswagen, here are a few of the special makes they drive themselves:

A black Jaguar with a 4.2 liter engine, bucket seats, a radiotelephone under the dashboard, and an emergency button that activates a radio beacon that can be tracked by TEEN Control.

A red Alfa-Romeo GTZ with a souped-up 1,570 cc. Giulia engine, a secret compartment in the floor under the carpet, a short-wave transceiver with scrambler, and hidden button activated wooden projectile launcher to knock out anyone standing at the driver's side window.

A black Porsche with a secret compartment under the front seat.

The Foreign Countries

The Eiffel Tower
In the course of their assignments, Chris and Gerry have traveled the four corners of the earth. Among the exotic countries they've visited are: Austria, England, Ecuador, France, Germany, Haiti, Holland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey.

The Special Gadgets

Pretty Posy

Sleepy Sliver

Tape Recorder

Telephone Bug
These are a few of the TEEN issued items of ordinary appearance, but with rather different function than the casual observer might imagine. Most are used in several missions, but several make only one showing. Behold:

A wrist-watch that can send and receive voice transmissions or a sharp buzz for signalling an agent wearing a similar device within a range of several miles when the stem is pulled out. The back of the case also gets hot when TEEN Control is trying to summon the agent wearing it to headquarters.

A pen that works as an infrared snooperscope for seeing in the dark when the cap is removed.

A slim silver pen that fires a "sleepy sliver" anesthetic that can put somebody to sleep for an hour or more when the clip is pressed.

A pair of shoes with hollow titanium-steel soles that, when the heels are kicked together, trigger rocket-hoppers that can be used to brake a fall or make giant leaps.

A neck-tie made of a special material that can be used as a gas mask when covering the mouth and nose.

A man's white-gold ring set with what looks like a sapphire. The ring does not make a complete circle, but ends in two prongs which can be squeezed together activating an ultraviolet lamp in the stone. The light is used for making hidden markings visible, and has an effective range of about four feet, covering a circular area about four feet in diameter.

A traveling toilet kit that converts into a small microfilm projector.

A pack of gum with four sticks of various chemicals, and the fifth a tiny microcircuit detonator in a flat sheath of plastic film. The four mingled with saliva and combined by chewing react to produce a new, potent substance. When the detonator is attached and the radio transmitter in the agent's belt is switched on by flicking the prong on the belt buckle, the result is a powerful explosion designed for blowing safes and cell doors.

A fraternity pin that gives a shot of pure adrenalin.

A credit card with raised lettering that glows red when it detects even the faintest signal from a hidden transmitter.

A first-aid bandage in a cellophane wrapper that is actually special tape that works as an emergency handcuff.

A shirt that contains a listening device and receiver. A thin antenna wire is sewn into the collar in a series of repeating loops, the button on the back of the collar activates the receiver, the bottom button on the shirt is the detachable bug, and the right collar button adjusts the volume and works as the speaker.

A pair of earrings for pierced ears that each shine an intense, almost blinding light. The power cells provide enough energy for four short flashes.

Cuff buttons that in reality are nostril gas masks.

A ruby ring, the gem of which flips open to reveal a detonator for a powerful skin-colored plastic explosive that can be hidden behind the ear.

A matchbox that works as a miniature slide projector. When used with mist capsules, the dozen slides of various monsters, weird psychedelic shapes, colors, and designs undulate convincingly, and are especially effective on superstitious people.

A pin that shoots a dart so small it attracts no more attention than a mosquito bite, yet it contains a minute listening device through which sounds can be picked up on the agent's shirt collar receiver.

An ordinary pencil that shoots a tranquilizer when the eraser is pressed. Its victim remains motionless and memoryless for 30 seconds or so before recovering as if nothing has happened.

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