#1 X Marks the Spy
X Marks the Spy

By Jack Lancer

Cover Art from X Marks the Spy
       In the thrilling city of Paris, TEEN's crack espionage agent Chris Cool undertakes a baffling and dangerous mission: to ferret out a revolutionary new secret weapon which could change the balance of power in the cold war. His contact is an unknown spy identified only by a cunningly concealed X mark. When three men turn up with X marks, Chris is faced with the grim challenge of correctly identifying the right contact.

       Chris and his Apache fellow agent, Geronimo Johnson, follow a clue that leads to the Riviera resort town of St. Tropez and discover that they themselves have become the quarry in a blood-chilling game of hide-and-seek with the deadly agents of TOAD.

       For all mystery-spy fans, here is a suspense thriller packed with pulse-pounding excitement that never lets up till the final paragraph.


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