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Series Book Information Links


We currently have 32 series book links.

General Series Book Pages
Boys' Series
Girls' Series
Young Children's Series

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General Sites


Booklover's Den  This site by Sharon Reid Harris has a brief description of quite a number of boys' and girls' series, as well as lists of titles for them. There are not many images, but a fine lot of interesting information.

Series Book Central  This site by Bob Finnan has a tremendous amount of information. Beyond the normal description and list of titles, he has information about formats, illustrators, and comments about quite a few series. Plus, expect to see many pictures of the covers from his extensive collection.

Children's Series Books  This site by Jon Merrill is mostly the owner's nostalgic look back at his collecting over the years. It also has brief descriptions and title lists of many series, but no pictures.

The Series Gallery  This is Frank Krieger's amazing site with pictures of some of the rarest series books and title listings for almost every series you can think of. Definitely a place of interest for any series book fan.

Complete Tom Swift Home Page  While as the title suggests this is foremost a Tom Swift site, you'll also find Dig Allen and Ted Scott sections with brilliant photos for all, plus commentary, reviews, and much more. This is definitely one of my favorite series book sites.

Unofficial Stratemeyer Syndicate Home Page  This is Ilana Nash's staggeringly comprehensive look at the force behind the most famous and best selling juvenile series. Among other things you'll find photos of the authors and other people behind the books, as well as fascinating behind the scenes information gleaned from the Syndicate's extensive archives.

Stratemeyer Syndicate  James Keeline is acknowledged as one of the great authorities on the company responsible for such series as the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and literally dozens of others. On this site, he shares a great deal of the information he has painstakingly researched over the years, resulting in a fabulous collection of writings answering the questions people have always asked and many they never thought of!

Leo Edwards  This site by Leo Edwards' grandson is a fantastic resource for fans of this great authors books. Not only are there lists and photos of the books, there's also lots of biographical information, previously unpublished photos, fan club memorabilia, and much more!

University of South Florida Boys' Series Book Collection  This university has an extremely extensive collection of series books, including many obscure volumes from the early 20th century. While there are no photos, there are lists of titles and some format information for nearly every boys' series from the first half of the century.

Forlagshuset  Nearly all the Grosset & Dunlap series from the 1950s and 1960s were translated and available to the Norwegian market. With a few exceptions, Forlagshuset was the publisher for them all, including Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Rick Brant, Cherry Ames, and many more. Their company web site is no doubt brimming with fascinating information, but it would certainly help if I spoke Norwegian.  This site offers a great deal of biographical information about Percy Keese Fitzhugh, as well a look at his many beloved books and characters such as Tom Slade, Roy Blakeley, Pee-Wee Harris, and Hal Keen. There are numerous photographs, tidbits of information, and even the promise of news about never published works by this great author.

Boys' Series


Spindrift Island  The official Rick Brant site by Jim Ogden is the finest single-series page I've seen. A complete list of titles with story descriptions and cover images for each, plus information about many of the primary author's other books. There's even a fan club to join and information about reprints!

Brentwood Advance  Jim Towey's Ken Holt site features information and photos of each individual book in the series, as well as a great deal of information about the husband and wife writing team behind the books. You can also find out about Mr. Towey's ongoing reprinting projects, and much more.

Solar Guard Academy  Ed Pippin's salute to Tom Corbett includes reviews and photos of the books, and also heaps of information about the radio, television shows, and all the other parts of the Space Academy universe of the 1950s.

The X Bar X Boys  This site by David Baumann is a wonderful and very comprehensive site for the X Bar X Boys series. You'll find information about the authors, illustrators, and books of this fun but often overlooked series!

The Tom Corbett Page  Rory Coker's fascinating look at the Tom Corbett TV series, with photos, a SpacEmail section with information from cadets around the world, and also sections for other 1950s sci-fi series.

Tom Swift and His Electronic Web  This site by Christopher Pepin is one of the first Tom Swift sites on the web. Consequently there are few pictures, but a good deal of information about the various Tom Swift series as well as lists of the titles.

Chip Hilton Sports Series  The official site of the new Chip Hilton books by the original author's daughter and son-in-law. This has great articles, some information about the originals, and lots of news about the updated reprints.

Matt's Bomba the Jungle Boy Movie Guide  While not necessarily a series book site, this page has some great photos and information about the Bomba the Jungle Boy movies.

The Three Investigators U.S. Editions Collector's Site  A very in-depth Three Investigators site by Seth Smolinske, featuring photos of the books, much information about formats, fan fiction and art, foreign editions, and much more.

Hardy Detective Agency  A well designed Hardy Boys site with information covering the original titles through the modern ones, as well as main characters and other details. Also, you can find a large library of Hardy Boys fan fiction here.  This is Austin Johnson's great Hardy Boys site with details about all aspects of the various Hardy Boys series, their various editions, collectibles, and even such things as the television shows. This is also the home of the Bayport Gazette, which is a Hardy Boys periodical filled with articles and information.

Girls' Series


Cherry Ames Page  The most comprehensive source of information about Cherry Ames available! Information about the authors, details about all the stories, images of some of the many foreign editions... Just about everything you'd want to know!

Around the World with Nancy Drew  A swell site by Lea Fox featuring an astonishing number of Nancy Drew foreign editions. The author of the site appears to have a great collection in a wide variety of languages, and the vastly different artwork and odd title translations are fascinating to see.

Judy Bolton Home Page  Certainly one of the finest looking series book sites out there. While there unfortunately are no images of the Judy Bolton books themselves, there is a wealth of information about the author, books in the series, reprints, and even recipes for dishes served in the books!

Nancy Drew Sleuth  This ultimate Nancy Drew site by Jenn Fisher contains almost everything a fan could want. Everything from the movies, TV shows, computer - video - board games, and of course the books themselves, to pictures of rare collectibles and much more. This is a must stop for any fan of the series!

Trixie Belden - A Collector's Homepage  This Trixie Belden site has a good list of the titles and formats, as well as mentioning some other interesting related items such as Trixie Belden paper dolls.  Jenni Johns' Trixie Belden site, while relatively new, is one of the best series sites out there. There are photos of nearly every book and edition, plot summaries, descriptions of many characters (even obscure ones!), fan fiction, and much more. And all while maintaining a pleasing layout.

Younger Children's Series


Bobbsey Twins' Page  Michael Weinstein's faithful tribute to the Bobbsey Twins series. Among other things, take a look at the history and inconsistencies, and the invaluable complete list of titles.

The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West  This site has a list of the books in the Happy Hollisters series, brief information about the characters and author, and a bewildering display of stacks upon stacks of the books.

Kyle's Happy Hollisters Website  This site has a list of the books in the Happy Hollisters series, brief information about the characters and author, and a number of cover photos.

Unofficial Happy Hollisters Site  Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast's Happy Hollisters site has a number of the covers on display, as well as information about the formats, a list of titles, and a brief description of the series, characters, and author.

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