#12 The Lone Ranger in Wild Horse Canyon
The Lone Ranger in Wild Horse Canyon

By Fran Striker

Cover art from The Lone Ranger in Wild Horse Canyon Frontispiece from The Lone Ranger in Wild Horse Canyon
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The rope whistled briefly and then
the noose shot out

       Riding through the stormy night to join his Indian friend Tonto, the Lone Ranger and his magnificent horse Silver are trapped between the wind-whipped waves of Wolf creek and a stampeding herd of wild horses for which the canyon is named.

       Despite his own desperate predicament, the masked man manages to rescue another nigh rider, who is fleeing something even more terrifying than the trampling hoofs. When the Lone Ranger hears the story of the young stranger's secret gold claim and the murderous attempts already made by Ripper Smith and his band of outlaws to steal it, the masked man resolves with Tonto's help to save the claim and break up the Ripper's lawless gang.

       In a relentless game of hide-and-seek with death inside a mountain, the Lone Ranger finally defeats the outlaws in a surprise move that wins for him still another battle in his endless fight for justice.

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Silver Bullets
Their next adventure takes The Lone Ranger and Tonto straight into the heart of danger. But danger is their business, and there are plenty of hair-raising moments awaiting them. Watch for The Lone Ranger West of Maverick Pass.
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